Kiln Dried Milled Logs

Click here Merrimac Quality Log Homes offers logs that are either green or kiln dried. Our green logs are milled using cants that have recently standing timber. Our kiln dried logs are milled using cants that have been kiln dried in one of our kilns.

Green Kiln-Dried Logs for Log Homes, Log Cabins, Log Home Kits and Log Cabin Kits Our logs are kiln-dried to a surface moisture not exceed 19% at the time of milling. Kiln dried logs are important for several reasons.

  • Kiln-dried logs are lighter and easier to install
  • Kiln-dried logs insure that the there will be little shrinkage of your logs
  • The kiln-drying process helps kill insect larva and fungus helping to alleviate serious problem later
  • The kiln-drying process helps "set the pitch" in a log which crystallizes the remaining sap minimizing sap seepage once the logs are installed
  • Kiln-Dried logs help insure minimal checking
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