Ready To Assemble Log Home Cabin Kits

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If you are looking for a kit that is already cut to your chosen plans specifications, one that is the easiest to erect yourself, you want the “Ready to Assemble” series. This series is best for individuals who would like to build themselves or for builders who would like to save on time and labor costs. This is a simple do-it-yourself project for you or have a builder assemble it for you. Everything needed to assemble and construct a pre-existing log cabin. See some designs below.

To see Kit Designs Available Click the thumbnail below. You can assemble these yourself or hire a contractor to do it for you.

Once you choose your Kit we will Mill all the components necessary and deliver everything to your building lot. You do have some preference choices of a dovetail, saddle notch or mortise/tenon, whatever you decide we will mill your logs to match your log cabin plan specifications. Starting with our raw Eastern White Pine logs we mill them with the appropriate cornering systems and we pre-cut every log as required.

Your Log Cabin Kit also includes a precut plan that shows all of the numbering and lengths of your logs. We mill, precut the logs to the plans lengths, and all of the logs are appropriately numbered for easy logical instillation. If your plan has gables, we will include the necessary log sidings. We will also include the tongue and groove boards for your loft flooring as well as for your ceilings, some of this smaller detailed installation will require custom cutting and trimming on location.

This series also includes the log home accessories needed to build, such as the screws, caulking and foam. If this is the series for you, the next step is choosing your log home plan.

Even though we have several models to choose from on our website, our true expertise is working with you to create your dream log home. Do you have a vision in your head, but aren’t sure where or how to go about finding a plan that will make that dream come true? Then look to our custom kit further. Our team will work with you to develop a plan for the exterior wall layouts and will precut all the logs so all you have to do is stack and screw!


  • Pre cut logs cut and milled in a clean controlled environment with optimal precision settings.
  • Less waste and inefficiencies inherent on a custom jobsite, less construction mess and clean-up
  • Logs delivered dry ... easy to cover with a tarp and store on location to keep dry
  • Dry logs are easier and safer to handle and install on location.
  • Shorter construction times and eliminate onsite mistakes and their expense.
  • Reduced site disruptions and more consistent quality of work.
  • Financial savings across the entire project